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Marker pentru sprâncene

39,00 lei

Se foloseste la desen preparatoriu dar si pentru machiaj zilnic de make-up. Extrem de fin si rezistent la transfer.

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Marker pentru sprâncene extra subțire de 0.1mm, in 2 variante: negru si maro inchis. Ideal pentru ochi, lichid, ultra zvelt, de 0,1 mm, pix pentru sprâncene extra subțire. Creion Pentru Sprâncene Lichid, Profesional, Rezistent La Transpirație, Machiaj De Lungă Durată, Creion Pentru Ochi si Microblading, 2 În 1.

Thin felt-tip pen to draw hair by hair eyebrows. Very useful tool for the preparatory drawing of microblading and permanent make-up. Before proceeding with the actual tattoo, you can draw the hairs you intend to tattoo on your client brows. This will allow you to create perfect and symmetrical brows. Without any chance of errors! The Eyebrow Marker pen is equipped with a fine tip that will allow you to trace each hair with extreme precision. The design is water resistant and long lasting. It can be used both as a tool for preparatory drawing and for daily makeup. Attention: If the tip of the marker is curved, it does not affect the fine design of the hair or its precision. Try it and you will see!